Our Process

We rigorously utilize a goal- and results-driven approach to project management. Instead of forcing a hardened step-by-step methodology, which may or may not be appropriate, we find the right balance of methodologies for nimble, efficient performance.

With this agility, we can frequently do in days or weeks what takes others months or years. While we don’t carry the crushing weight of an enormous bureaucracy, we do leverage world-class resources and our industry-leading principals.

Start with your needs

Whether the task is clear or you’re not quite sure how to engage us, we’ll start with a needs assessment – it’s crucial that we conform ourselves to your organization’s structure, operations, mission and goals.

  • Task-specific: We aggressively target the problem and identify the trails of impact so we can tailor a solution that integrates seamlessly without a ripple or repercussion.
  • High-level: A low-cost, flat-rate Enterprise Architecture Assessment allows us to examine each salient element of your business – organization, geography, advertising and sales channels, macro-level workflow, support and delivery systems – to provide a clear picture of your needs.

Then we collapse all those layers of data into strategy. Through a dialogue with you, we’ll map a plan that ranks solutions by value and resource consumption, prioritizing high impact, low cost and low effort.

Collaborate. And communicate.

We partner directly with CX-level personnel, IT and any other staff expedient to the process. A dedicated Account Manager coordinates every aspect of the relationship as a dependable resource and point of contact.

We have mastered the art of coordinating our clients’ personnel who may not normally work with each other, if they come from different segments. As a result, we can handle internal dynamics with diplomatic savvy.

We manage people and projects with the same deft touch, expertly executing needed tasks without stepping on any toes or trespassing any boundaries.

Finish. By meeting or exceeding goals

It’s not enough to solve your problems. It’s incumbent on us to render you self-sufficient and your solution self-sustaining. In other words, in addition to anything else we do for you, we’ll leave behind the tools, training and know-how that enables you and your team to move forward – without our intervention. We’ll leave you reveling in real-world results.