Our Mission

Once upon a time, we were you: each of our principals consumed consulting services as executives in our previous positions. We’ve dealt with the good, the bad and the ugly of being a buyer of the services we now sell. We marshaled those experiences in forming our company. Everything we do is shaped and structured to meet the needs and perspectives of the person sitting on your side of the table.

The tenets of our mission include:

Trust & Transparency

Our claims, results and billing can always be verified; our choices can be clearly understood; and our results can be both certified and sustained.


If we don’t meet the faith and trust you place in us, we are accountable. Our business model revolves around shouldering the bulk of any risk to insulate you from contingencies.

Service Commitments

We guarantee performance and delivery on promises. At the outset, we construct a roadmap with clear and measurable milestones. Then we commit to exacting Service Level Agreements to meet them.

Payment Milestones

You pay for progress. This is yet another way in which we mitigate your risk: we don’t require that you pay us for what you hope we can do. You pay only for what is delivered.

Scope Pledges

We proactively anticipate contingencies that can ripple into scope and price changes, so that we can keep your project on time and on budget.