Our staff have implemented the following projects


  • Implemented, configured, customized and extended Loan Origination Systems (LOS) for multiple mortgage banks.
  • Architected and developed web based portals responsible for submission and fulfillment processing by over 90,000 users. These portals processed over $1-1.5B of loans per month.
  • Implemented a rules-based decisioning system that achieved high throughput (3,000 rules were analyzed in less than a second) using open source, which reduced software investment from $1.5M to $80K.
  • Enterprise-wide (corporate office + 170 branches) technology direction, management, design, delivery and operations for a $13B bank.


  • Reengineered multiple core systems into a .NET-based Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) for a leading financial services B2B integrator. Integrated numerous service providers and major lenders into the ESB.
  • Sourcing, engineering and deployment of numerous large-scale enterprise technology projects. Projects include front- and back-end systems supporting all aspects of banking, lending, secondary marketing, and compliance.
  • Implemented an IBM MQ Broker-based ESB for a Mortgage Bank. Integrated many major systems on the ESB. Re-factored, consolidated, and re-integrated disparate interfaces across the enterprise, maximizing common services and interfaces and decoupling numerous components from various core back-end systems.


  • Data extraction, de-duplication, archival and preservation of over 500 TB of data for a US Trustee.
  • Designed/ implemented an Enterprise Operational Data Store with data integration and transformation technologies, replacing the majority of inefficient homegrown applications.


  • Vulnerabilities assessment and remediation for a leading financial services company. This included analyzing and hardening network, servers, applications and source code. Also supplied training and tools to support and maintain on-going best practices.


  • Developed and implemented multiple Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)-mandated updates for leading mortgage lenders.
  • Disaster Recovery Site and a fully executed Business Continuity Plan for a leading financial services company.