NTERSOL Acquires CoreIP Solutions to Form Digital Transformation Powerhouse

About CoreIP

CoreIP Solutions, Inc. is a technology solutions consulting firm offering a broad range of services in custom enterprise software engineering, systems implementations, integrations, security, hardware infrastructure, DR/BCP, and more. CoreIP has expertise across multiple industries, with a focus on financial services and insurance.


If you suspect your business needs strengthening, we offer the experience and expertise. We do it every day. Regardless of your organization’s structure, operations or technology, we can drive your company to new heights that can only be described as exceptional.

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Before we started CoreIP solutions, we were hands-on executives from a wide-range of industry and technological backgrounds, working on enterprise class initiatives. Like you, we know the pitfalls, deficiencies and frustrations of working with consulting services. We knew we could do it better. So we’ve taken the good, tamed the bad and tossed out the ugly so that you’re left with a pristine experience, a long-term strategic partner and results that speak for themselves.

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